Choose your tea box.

Each box ships mid-month. 


Tea of the Month - Discovery

Our flagship club! Includes top of the line premium gems and rare finds.

Tea Tasting Club

This club provides 5 samples of tea each month to maximize the amount of teas to try!

Herbal/Caffeine Free Club

Need a night time elixir or a calming blend? We focus on a variety of herbal teas that offer numerous health benefits and taste great!

Tea of the Month Club - Flavored

We devoted this club to focus exclusively on the amazing variety of flavored teas. You can even choose what style of tea you prefer!

Tea of the Month - Pure unflavored tea

This box is for those who want to sample pure tea with no added flavors.

Breakfast Club

A subscription box of hearty black teas for a great start to your day!

Tea of the Month - Chai Club

Add some spice to your life! A different spicy Chai delivered every month!